President’s Message

President’s Message: Live, Work, Play…Doing It All and More in Brickell

Gail Feldman

This notion of Live-Work-Play in one great community has great allure. Most neighbors would agree that we love this aspect about life in Brickell.

We can easily  add to that tagline, Dine-Pray-Learn, as our neighbors in food, faith and education would remind us. We have some of the most enticing restaurants in South Florida. We have houses of worship for many faiths just a short walk f…

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President’s Column: It’s All About the People

BHA President Gail Feldman

As clichéd as my headline statement is, it’s really true. BHA, marking 25 years of service this year, wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the people—volunteer folks—who want and support this organization. Unlike our individual condo associations, BHA is not a legally required organization.
We’re here because we’re needed to keep those with the power and our tax do…

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Founding Philosophy Remains Key Today


BHA President Gail Feldman

“In unity there is strength.” These words reflected the guiding values of BHA’s founders 25 years ago, and remain just as relevant today. When Tory Jacobs and Attorney Henry Taylor got together to help neighbors address issues affecting all Brickell residents, they quickly recognized that a group of associations would ha…

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From the Sublime to the Mundane: The Nitty-Gritty of Growth

PRESIDENT GAIL FELDMAN’S MESSAGE FROM Winter 2015 BHA NEWS:We live in a city that’s growing at a dizzying pace. As we watch towers of unprecedented heights rise all around us, it’s both exciting and a bit frightening to those of us in the middle of it all.

At our January BHA meeting Peter Zalewski, of and Condo Vultures fame, shared astonishing statistics and his studied perspective of our current and previous booms. Peter’s information and knowle…

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