Progress Report: Brickell Avenue Improvements


BHA Board members were sad but not surprised to learn that many of the trees in the Brickell median will have to be replaced due to disease and damage. But, on the positive side, Commissioner Sarnoff said the funds are available and the replacements will be tall, robust trees.

The Brickell Avenue median and sidewalks project will most likely start in August, Commissioner Sarnoff reported to the BHA Board in late May. The sidewalks will be expanded to 10 feet in most spots, with 4 feet of that width made of a rubberized surface, ideal for joggers. The sidewalks will not be garden-variety gray cement, but rather will have a design element.

The medians will get new trees and ground cover. The Commissioner delivered the sad but not surprising news that many of Brickell Avenue’s trees have been mangled by storms, some improperly trimmed in the aftermath in an effort to clear streets, and some are deceased. The arborist’s report was dismal, with the bottom line that approximately 50 trees need to be replaced. But, the Commissioner said, “now is the time to do it while we have the funding.” And, he promised the trees that replace those that have to go will be tall, mature trees, upwards of 21 feet.

“We’re getting large, robust trees,” the Commissioner said, “You can see the trees you’ll be getting on Florida Street in Coconut Grove” in a recently completed project.

BHA will have input into the median design, with an ad hoc committee led by Gail Feldman. Anyone with expertise in horticulture or public space planning and who is willing to volunteer is asked to contact BHA at

From BHA News Vol. XXIII No. 1, Spring/Summer 2013