Spring 1998 – Aircraft noise: Residents urged to report disturbances

In the ongoing battle to control aircraft noise levels, especially in residential areas like Brickell, Miami International Airport is setting up a special telephone line for residents to report disturbances. The line is intended to help airport officials identify airlines which are not abiding by the recommended noise abatement procedures.

The Brickell Homeowners Association has been participating in the monthly meetings of the MIA Noise Abatement Task Force, comprised of citizens, business executives and airline and airport officials. The group is working with MIA to address ways to ensure that airlines comply with recommended procedures.

Much of the control of aircraft noise has to do with how steep the plane makes its arrivals and departures and whether it waits to make its turns over water or neighborhoods. While there are Federal Aviation Association regulations in place, it often seems to boil down to technique and common courtesy on the part of the pilot.

Jeff Bunting, who heads the noise abatement effort at MIA, worked with BHA to install aircraft noise monitoring devices at The Palace and Bristol Tower earlier this year. These devices established a baseline noise level with which to compare over time.

To help in the effort, residents are asked to report disturbing noise incidents with the following information. The report can be called in, faxed in, or mailed to Jeff Bunting’s attention. Although the form below need not be used, it covers the pertinent data Bunting seeks. It isn’t expected that all people will be able to identify the aircraft, but “any kind of information is helpful,” Bunting said.

From BHA News Spring 1998, Vol. VIII, No. 1