Spring 1999 – Aircraft noise abatement task force meetings moved to County Commission Chambers

 Thanks to Commissioner Barbara Carey’s initiative, the monthly Aircraft Noise Abatement Task Force Meetings have been moved from MIA to County Commission Chambers in order to afford improved public access and participation as well as television coverage on Channel 34.

The first meeting at the County Commission Chambers took place on May 26th. Awareness of the impediments to noise abatement progress were heightened by the presence of Nancy B. Shelton, FAA Manager, Airspace Branch out of the Atlanta office that oversees MIA’s operations.

Commissioners Jimmy Morales and JL Plummer, Jr. both were eloquent in their remarks on the critical need for immediate remedial action.

However, the exchanges between FAA representatives and Miami-Dade Aviation Department representatives at the meeting and in subsequent correspondence strongly suggest continuation of delays.

The failure to implement, even on a test basis, the Chief Pilot’s subcommittee noise abatement procedures is a major disappointment. Many interested parties believe the recommended procedures can be activated without FAA approval, at least on an 180-day test basis. The validity of this position was recently confirmed by the noise abatement official at another Florida airport, a facility that put in place an aircraft noise abatement program over 10 years ago. Miami is reported to be the only major U.S. airport yet to have activated a noise abatement program.

The Aircraft Noise Abatement Task Force Meetings at County Commission Chambers are scheduled for 6:00 p.m., the last Wednesday of each month. Check with the Aviation Department at (305) 876-0569, for schedule changes.

From BHA News, Spring 1999, Vol. IX, No. 2