Update From Commissioner Xavier L. Suarez

Update: Project has been completed, thank you improving our neighborhood.

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City of Miami Public Works, under the direction of Project Manager Ralph Gonzalez, is currently working on a beautification project on S.E. 25th Road Median. The long-awaited median improvements are set to be completed by February 15th, 2019.


Project Description: Landscaping Improvements to all four medians from SE 25th Road Brickell Ave to 175 SE 25RD

Project Cost: $80,475.00

Ground Covered species included: 

  • Blue Flagi (i.virginica)
  • Green Island Ficus
  • Aztec Grass
  • Liriope Super Blue
  • Philodendron Burle Marx
  • Lily of the Nile
  • Boston Fern
  • Coontie
  • Phoenix Roebelenii Palms
  • Queen Crape Myrtle

Flowering trees, as well as ground covered vegetation, will be installed on all four medians which will be a delightful mix of vibrant colors as well as very lush landscaping. The garden beds with its various textures and rhythmic patterns will bring a sense of unity and harmonious balance to the surrounding community which will prove to be visually appealing to both residents and visitors alike. They are set to begin landscaping installation on the 28th of January.

Currently, they are in the plan acquisition period where they’ll be inspecting and tagging the vegetation at various nurseries to ensure they receive FL Grade #1 quality material or better. In the interim, they are preparing 2 Gumbo Limbo’s for relocation to the adjacent median, removing 2 stumps and performing clearing and grubbing activities.

Proposal to name SE 25th Road Park

Because of the many sightings of manatees, a resident and activist of Brickell, Gabriel Villar, has proposed to name the park at the end of 25th Road “Manatee Springs Park”, more details to come.

Any questions on these projects please contact Bobby Alvarez at 305.694.3550 or 305.790. 2045, raalvarez@maimidade.gov